Release Notes

Changes in version 0.4.0 (2017-04-27)

  • Python 3.4+ support, Python 2.7 support dropped
  • Updated Django requirement version from 1.8 to 1.11
  • Updated Haystack dependency to 2.6, Whoosh dependency to 2.7

Changes in version 0.3.1 (2015-08-25)

  • Added more entries to the example project (see: Example Project)
  • Switched back to 3-column layout for large screens
  • Layout improvements
  • Removed not-used library files
  • Fixed bug when using same category URL name for different editions

Changes in version 0.3 (2015-08-24)

  • Responsive design
  • Bug fixes

Changes in version 0.2 (2015-08-20)

  • New organized development structure with new separate docs (this one), branch-based development
  • Made Haystack work again, fixed requirements to django-haystack==2.0.0 and Whoosh==2.4.1 (new setting HAYSTACK_SIGNAL_PROCESSOR = ‘haystack.signals.RealtimeSignalProcessor’ in necessary)
  • Replaced PIL requirement with Pillow
  • Support for Django 1.8 (older versions dropped), coming from 1.4 following adoptions are necessary:
    • ALLOWED_HOSTS has to be added to of Django project
    • python migrate has to be run to apply/recognize the new Django migrations
  • Replaced South migrations with re-generated Django internal migrations
  • Setup instructions in docs
  • New example_project Django project with basic Color Website Showroom example
  • Section in docs describing how to create a showroom website
  • Fixed some bugs

Changes in version 0.1 (A long time ago...)

  • Initial version, just existing in master branch, no dedicated tags or pip releases yet